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carpets for recycling

Stellamcor and Post Consumer Carpet Processing Technologies® (PCC®) are two companies that specialize in preventing waste from becoming waste. Our textile recycling machinery helps businesses earn a profit while promoting sustainability, saving energy and ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations.

What We Do

Stellamcor creates customized manufacturing facilities that recycle reclaimed fibers into non-woven or blended new products such as wiping cloths, under carpet padding, automobile insulation and home insulation among others. Our company will work with you from design and construction of machinery to shipping and installation in your plant. We also train your personnel to work with our equipment.

PCC® provides technology (patent pending) to recycle used carpets by separating oil-based nylon fibers from the polypropylene backing, thereby saving landfills and oil. We have two different processes. One is for 99.9% fluff nylon fibers. The other is for 97-98% fluff nylon fiber for plastic moulding. Each line of PCC® machinery can reclaim up to 30 million pounds of used carpet annually.

carpet pieces
carpet fibers
reccyled fiber grains
recycled nylon

photo by Michael Molinoff
(left to right) Frank J. Levy, Ray Anderson - CEO, Interface, Sergio Dell'Orco

Eric Nelson, Vice President, Interface Americas Re-Entry 2.0:
“The separator started up, it swallowed an entire load of carpet tiles and cleanly separated them. All three of us just stood there and watched it work. Without saying a word, we all knew this machine was going to be the key to recycling carpet.”

Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface:
"Re-Entry 2.0 can be, in a sense, an all but bottomless oil well, and one that is located right here in the United States.”

“We use oil to obtain raw materials (which themselves are made from oil) and to collect old carpets and bring them back for recycling – to keep from using so much new oil.”